The Forgotten $100,000 Note

Most people assume that the $10,000 note was the largest note issued by the United States, but they are off by an entire digit!

Though the $10,000 is much more widely known, it can’t hold a candle to its big brother, the $100,000 note.  1148754_569232443123349_1599269186_n

The United states issued the stunning $100,000 gold certificate to Federal Reserve Banks who held an equal amount of gold bullion in the Treasury, and printed some 42,000 from December 18, 1934, through January 9, 1935.  These notes featuring Woodrow Wilson were never meant for public use, and to ensure that no private citizen could spend one should they somehow get their mitts on one, the caveat “As authorized by law” was added to the front under Wilson’s vignette.

These notes are unique in that they are official government property only — it is illegal for a private citizen to own or collect one.  Nearly all of these beautiful notes were recalled and destroyed after they had served their purpose, with 7 single notes and a few specimen notes surviving, along with 1 uncut sheet of 12.


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