Amanda’s Peace Dollar Chart

Obligatory Disclaimer: I’m not great with Peace Dollar better dates, and I’m a very visual learner.  Thus, I decided to create this chart as a learning aid to quickly and easily address the relative rarity of Peace Dollars by type. 

I learn very visually, so I made this as a sort of “flash card” set for myself to quickly get a handle on what is common vs better.  Will this help you determine a price for something? No, not at all.   If you already know Peace Dollars like the back of your hand, there is absolutely no new information here.  But, if you’re not great with Peace Dollars (like me), this may be of some benefit to you.

This was a general guide made just for me, but after posting it on a coin forum and asking for opinions from the good people over at CoinTalk, there was enough interest that I decided to post it publicly.  Comments are welcome, and who knows … maybe the chart will evolve over time if enough people agree to a certain designation.

Without further ado, here it is: Amanda’s Peace Dollar Chart!

Peace Dollar Chart


  • Its very useful Amanda, especially since it is done in both word code and color code, so you can tell at a glance, even if its printed in black and white, or color-blind. That extra step that shows real thought went into it.


  • Seems like a good presentation. Printing it out in black and white may make some of the lettering fade against the gray scale (probably not, but I haven’t tried printing it) but “Very Rare” does disappear in the key, even in color.

    This just points up the trouble I am going to have getting a well struck 1921 peace dollar for my type set. I saw three otherwise beautiful examples in Rosemont that were a bit flat in the details.


    • I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t considered what it would look like if someone printed it out in black and white, but I suppose the good news is that one could always have it in their pocket since the majority of us have smartphones these days!

      And I’m sorry to have brought that fact a little closer to home … all I can say is, good luck! 🙂



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