The Sacramento Coin Show, March 2014

The Sacramento coin show is just about as far as we’ll go for a “local” coin show, but the trip is always well worth it! Hosted by the amazing McIntosh family, it’s always a great show with lots of public and a lot of quality coins. This edition of the Coin Show Chronicles will be a little shorter than others – we were so busy I barely had time to take pics or jot down notes!  Sorry guys — no Coin Porn this time!

Thursday was the beginning of the Girl Power weekend for Shelley and me; Tyler wasn’t able to come as he’d just become a father to a bouncing baby boy four days before. So in the midst of all the excitement that goes with a new little soon-to-becoin collector coming into the world, we packed up and headed off to the state’s capital.

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When Shelley picked me up in the morning to head to the airport, she was already laughing. “This is such a Shelley thing to do,” she said and pointed to her gas light, which was on. It’s a good thing we had plenty of time to spare, because with the pit-stop to the gas station and all the grief the TSA gave us this time around (let’s just say they were clueless and extremely slow), we may well have missed our flight.

The flight was half-empty which was nice, and surprisingly we managed to leave on time. A quick side trip to pick up the rental car, and we were off. A short 15 minute drive later we arrived at the DoubleTree, where we were reminded of something we had forgotten: Tyler’s was nonrefundable, and so we actually had two rooms.

The girls have arrived in Sacramento!

The girls have arrived in Sacramento!

Normally, at the small shows Shelley and I will share double room while Tyler gets his own, and we looked at eachother with real disappointment. “There goes Girl-Power weekend”, Shelley said sadly. After checking in and getting two sets of keys for the two rooms, we headed up to the double and decided to share it and leave the other room empty. Girl Power Weekend was back on!!

We were only in the room long enough to throw our luggage in before heading right back down to the lobby to grab a bite to eat. A quick meal later, and we headed across the street to set up only about a half hour late.


Set Up Day Selfie!

Set Up Day Selfie!

After a lot of wonderful hello’s and catching-up-chit-chats, we unloaded at what’s become our normal corner table at this show with the distinguished Logan of VAMs & More kitty-corner to us, the ineffable Scott Griffin to our right, and the lovely Charmy Harker (aka The Penny Lady) to his right. We were snugged like little bugs right into the best part of the room!

As is usually the case, we were beset upon almost immediately and were handing out unpacked boxes of coins for dealers to go through while we were getting things sorted out. One of the best parts of set-up day is Charmy’s rockin’ tunes, which she turns up

Empty cases, boxes of coins everywhere ...

Empty cases, boxes of coins everywhere …

more on setup days than when the public is around. We were boppin’ and singing as we were pricing coins, and still had a massive pile to price out for Friday morning when the day drew to a close.

Thursday night was the real gem of the entire trip: We went over to a local dealer’s house, where a few other dealers were gathered. They provided us a lovely meal, but the real action was out in the garage at the ping pong table. You’ve never seen ping pong taken so seriously! We wiled the night away playing, sipping on drinks, and sharing a lot of laughs before making our way back to the hotel.

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Friday morning we managed to hit the floor at about 9:20, which isn’t bad when you factor in one of the longest Starbucks lines you can imagine. We caught up on the work of pricing and paperwork, and just in time – the public hit Friday like a hurricane. Towards the end of the afternoon one of the security guards told me that they had counted in around 400 people.

And this was after it had slowed down!

And this was after it had slowed down!

It was busy busy busy pretty much nonstop, despite our reduced inventory (way to mess everything up with your baby, Tyler!) and we didn’t even get a break for lunch. When the day finally drew to a close, we were ready to hit one of our favorite Sacramento haunts, Seasons52, along with Marilyn (the head of the security detail and proud mama of pretty boys Cisco and Dozer from the Concord Coin Show and other Bay Area / Nor Cal shows).

In keeping with the theme of the weekend … “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing — not one little thing — without a woman or a girl.”


Shelley, Marilyn, and Amanda out for Girl's Night!

Shelley, Marilyn, and Amanda out for Girl’s Night!

Now we were a trio of Girl Power! It was great to get a chance to hang out with Marilyn outside of the work environment, and the bar of Seasons52 has an amazing singer/pianist who really makes the hours fly by without you even noticing it. Eventually the night drew to a close, and we headed back to get ready for the last day of the show.

Saturday flew by in a flurry of sales and a whole ton of buying. We ended up buying so much good stuff at this show, it’s a little ridiculous.  Far too soon, it was time to start tearing everything down and head to the airport. It took some doing, but before we left we were able to wrangle all the McIntosh’s for a picture.

So long, Sacramento, and thanks for everything!

We love you, Sacramento!

We love you, Sacramento!

And now, the Coin Show Chronicles Bullets!

The ducky and her "pond"

The ducky and her “pond”

  • Saw a little ducky at the fountain in front of the hotel … she was just wandering happily between the fountain and the taxi line. When coming back from dinner she was fast asleep next to her little “pond”.

• Several people just couldn’t believe that there were two girls there without a man present, with one particular fellow pointing repeatedly to Scott (at the next table over) and insisting we must be with him.
• Several people came up and said “So, you’re Mal’s daughter, huh??” This happens at least two to three times per show. Shelley finally suggested that I may as well just say yes (he’s my uncle).
• Daniel Lam came by to re-issue his bowl-off challenge. This will happen, sooner or later – and he will be sorry.
• Jim Curtis turns an amazing shade of red when he’s protesting his innocence.

Lee aka 19Lyds (and epic photobomber!)

Lee aka 19Lyds (and epic photobomber!)

• When we heard that it had been Kyle from Camino Coin’s bday the night before Shelley exclaimed “You should have told us! Amanda would have done a dance for you!” Everyone in a 10 foot radius got a good kick out of that.
• Lee Lydston, aka forum member 19Lyds stopped by our table! We had a great conversation, and I look forward to meeting up with him again one of these days!



Next stop, Las Veags …..




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