Bro, Do You Even Collect Comics?

ComicbookguyForgive the use of an internet meme, but I couldn’t help myself.  That’s the first thought that ran through my head when I saw this … along with an image of a serious-comic-nerd losing his mind over these pictures.


A while back, we bought a collection of comic books.  Comics aren’t something we tend to deal in very often, but every once in a while we’ll have a nice little collection come through.

This one was nice, but anything but little.  This is what our conference room has looked like for a few weeks while everything was sorted and cataloged …


We had a few comics to go through …



Just the table …



More in boxes along the sides …


Those are all comics on the bookshelf, too.

Comics 4

More tubs under the table filled with comics.


A full shot of the comic conference room.



“All meetings have been rescheduled to take place not in the conference room.”



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