Magic: The Gathering Collector’s Coins!

When nerd-‘verses combine!  I am proud to be an official coin nerd, and Magic: The Gathering players are, like numismatists, renowned for being very passionate about their hobby!

Thankfully, the New Zealand Mint has stepped up to bridge the void between our two nerd-universes by issuing Magic: The Gathering collector’s coinsEach squared coin is 1 ounce of .999 silver, and limited to a mintage of 5,000.

The first coin of the series is Jace, The Mind Sculptor. Seriously, how cool does this look?



I’m not even into M:TG, and even I want one!  


UPDATE 5/15/14:

I swear, when I wrote this post two days ago I had no idea this would happen.  Just a few minutes ago, a coworker excitedly calls me and says “come here, I’ve got a surprise for you…”


This has to rank highly on the Nerd-O-Sphere!


It turns out Shelley had ordered 10 of them, and didn’t actually know what they were.  When she heard “Magic Coins”, she thought “Oh, like David Copperfield and Chris Angel!”  Close, but not quite, Shell!

I feel like I’ve really taken a step up the Coin Nerd ladder with this one! 🙂



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