A few weeks after I posted my Coin Show Chronicles: Winter FUN write up, I was contacted by a gentleman from FUN who had seen my story and wanted to publish it!  It’s not every day that a golden opportunity just drops in your lap, so of course I thanked him profusely and accepted!

I started writing for this blog in January of 2014, and to be approached when I still consider myself something of a novice to numismatic writing was really exciting!

I had been interviewed briefly after one of Bill Green’s shows in the bay area by Coinage magazine, and I think two sentences actually made it to print —  and was thrilled about it.  They had mostly contacted me to use the pictures that I had taken (every pic from the show was one I had taken), so I didn’t feel like it really counted.  You’d better believe I still scanned the article anyway!


I’m proud to be able to say that for the first time, something I wrote was published in a numismatic journal!  I’m so happy and grateful to have reached yet another milestone!  I was really surprised to see that I had been given two full pages — nonetheless, we did work together to edit the article down, and nearly all the pictures were left out, so if you haven’t read the full article be sure not to miss it!


I’d like to thank everyone over at FUN yet again for this great opportunity — and the ability to call myself a published author!




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