Long Beach, June 2014 Coin Show Chronicles

This edition of the Coin Show Chronicles will be a bit different from how I usually do them.  Those of you who already follow me on Twitter or on Facebook already know that I was feeling more than a little under the weather in the days leading up to the Long Beach Coin Show and had to skip the setup day (Wednesday).  When I did arrive on Thursday, there was a huge backlog of coins to price and stuff to sort, so I was already behind — and I hardly got a chance to breath.  This Long Beach was one of the busiest in memory, and it was slammed from the time we got there until the very moment we finally pulled ourselves away.  It was a wildly successful show!

I’m going to let the pictures I was able to take do most of the talking for this edition of the Chronicles.  And let me just apologize now: there is hardly any Coin Porn.  I wasn’t able to take a single picture of things in our cases — most of the pics show at the bottom of the page were things actively being worked on.  


A friend sent me this pic of the legendary free beer & taquitos given to dealers at the end of setup day, just to rub in the fact that I wasn’t there.


I hopped in the car Thursday morning to make the 25 mile drive down to Long Beach.  Once there I took a few pics of the convention center and surrounding areas, and I certainly am glad I did as I would hardly get to leave the table again for the rest of the show!

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We’re lucky enough to have two tables on an end cap, and one of those tables was devoted to Luxury Goods and jewelry which proved a bigger hit than time than ever before.


Miss Rita Li handling the Lux!



Both Shelley and Mal were interviewed for different segments with CoinWeek, Shell for the Luxury goods and Mal for the “coolest coin in your case” series.

Long-Beach-6-14-(10) Long-Beach-6-14-(11)


I’ve probably mentioned before that everyone assumes I’m Malcolm’s daughter, when I’m actually his niece.  There wasn’t any confusion this time: his daughter, my cousin Jennifer, attended her first coin show since she was a small child!  We had a great time paling around, and I was happy to show her the ropes.




That night we went to Gladstones, a company favorite just a short walk from the convention center right along the water’s edge.

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Friday was so busy that I hardly got to move.  I didn’t even get lunch, just worked straight through the day.  I was feeling the effects of the long show hours on top of my illness, so despite it being a Friday night, I …. went home.  Right after the show.  I know, I know. I was really disappointed because I absolutely LOVE the dueling piano bar immediately across the street from the show, and desperately wanted to go.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t in the cards this time.

When Saturday morning came, I had an “oh crap” moment where I realized just how much I’d been neglecting the Chronicles.  It tends to slow down as everyone packs up fairly early, and I took the opportunity to wander around to see what there was to be seen.

As usual, Heritage’s booth didn’t disappoint.  I spent way too much time there oogling coins. But just look at them!

There was some hubbub about the Pawn Stars guys being there, set up as a “casting call”.  You bring in your whatever, they assess it and, if interested, call you back to film a segment on their show at a later time.  I’m not really a fan of the show, but I knew I had to at least take a pic just because it was a big hit at the show.


And finally, in lieu of my traditional “Set Up Day Selfie”, here’s a “Last Day Selfie”!



I was so bad at getting the stuff together for this report, that I didn’t even keep a list of my famous bullet points!  Luckily it only takes about 1.5 seconds to bring up your phone’s camera and grab pictures, or I wouldn’t have had much at all from this show!  Here are the “bullet point pics” of things that I thought were funny and/or interesting.


Sign Fail

Sign Fail

A giant gold Rolex Yachtmaster 2 we bought at the show.

A giant gold Rolex Yachtmaster 2 we bought at the show.


The US Mint had a large display.

The US Mint had a large display.



The most stylish pup I’ve ever seen.



One. Dealer. Was shipping all of these.

One. Dealer. Was shipping all of these.

And now, what is probably my favorite pic from the show … there are giant round “stickers” on the floor between the aisles of the show. Some list the aisle number, others are ads.  Someone vandalized poor Michael Miles Standish, and I couldn’t stop cracking up about it.  I just kept picturing a dealer crouched in the middle of everything with a sharpie in hand, cackling.  If you know who did this, please confess!! I must know who is responsible for this!

The Fu Manchu and The Unibrow.

The Fu Manchu and The Unibrow.

And now, the (limited) Coin Porn! (click for hugeness)




And there we have it!  Another fantastic Long Beach is in the books.


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