Show Stoppers, September Long Beach 2014

I decided to try something a little different at the September 2014 Long Beach Coin Show.  Every single dealer who sets up at the show brings their best stuff, and every single dealer has something really cool in their cases.  With that in mind, I wandered the aisles stopping at any table that struck my fancy (both friends and those I didn’t know) and asked them what the coolest coin in their case was.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for the most expensive coin in their inventory, just something that was different and interesting.  I then gave them a single sentence to tell me why it was awesome, and recorded their answers.

I collected 15 of these cool numismatic treasures to share, with a wide variety of items and prices.  Enjoy!


David McCarthy, Kagin’s Inc.

“The Horseman, 1850 Baldwin $10 Pioneer Gold 

“This is the single finest known 1850 Baldwin Horseman – one of the most beautiful designs on any piece of Pioneer Gold and incredibly rare to boot.”


Logan McKechnie, VAMS & More

“The King Of Vams”, Vam 44 In XF45

“It has all the qualities that create an interest in the most popularly collected series.”


Andy McIntosh, McIntosh Collectibles

“The Super Chop”, 1877-S Chop Marked Trade Dollar

“It’s one of a kind! With luster!”

Michael Lertchitvikul, KMJ Group

Shanghai Ghetto 5oz Gold Commemorative

“This is a Chinese coin commemorating a Jewish theme, the first and only that does with a stupidly low mintage of 36 — it’s basically me on a coin.” (he has jewish godparents)


Richard Murichanian, RAM Rare Coins

1877-CC 25c In 65

“It’s awesome because it’s mine.”


David Christensen, Excelsior Coin Gallery

1797 Large Eagle $10 Gold With XF Details

“There’s a lot of history behind the coin and it’s a super rare coin with a high value.”

Jon Williams, Williams Gallery

1881-S “Great Falls Collection” Morgan in 67

“Because Montana is why for.”


Raul Seymour, Emerging Market

1873 G. Brit “Shah of Persia Visit To London” Commemorative Medal in 63BN

“It’s a medal that’s over 100 years old, in ms 63, commemorative the Shah of Persia visiting London.”


Glen Holsonbake, Holsonbake Numismatics

1906-D 10c in 64


“It’s the only PL graded by NGC, it has a RPD, an MPD, and an RPM, and is a possible branch mint proof with outstanding toning — it’s just unique, plus the first year of Denver issue.”

Allen Rowe, Northern Nevada Coin

1870-CC $20 Gold In XF40

“It’s an historical high-end rarity, fewer than 50 known.”

Steve Feltner

1863 50c In 65

“It’s my favorite because my spirit animal is a raccoon, and raccoons like siny.”


Kevin Kaufmann, Choice Numismatics 

Bechtler Gold Dollar, XF Details

“What’s cooler than 27 grains of Carolina gold? 27 Grains of Bechtler Carolina gold.”


White Lock Rare Currency

“2-digit uncut 1928 $5 FRN partial sheet, Dallas district.”


David Thomas, Estate Coins

1907 High Relief $20 Saint In 64, Wire Rim

“It’s the king of the Saint’s, America’s most beautiful design.”

Michael Kittle, Michael Kittle Rare Coins

1893 Columbian Expo, Machinery Hall, Pressed Wood With Original Box

“Just the originality of this piece, and the original box preserved it in the original condition — usually the outer rim splits from the rest of it when it gets moisture.”


And that completes the (inaugural?) Show Stoppers!  I’d like to thank everyone once again for letting me bother them participating, and graciously posing for photos.



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