Long Beach Coin Show, September 2014

It was once again time for one of my favorite shows of the year, Long Beach!  The show is practically in my back yard (a relatively easy 30 minute drive), and the area the convention center is in is lovely.  It’s right on the water and chock full of great restaurants and ways to entertain oneself in the evening.  … and I enjoy a show where I don’t have to spend a week in a hotel.  

As much as I would love to do my full, usual Coin Show Chronicles, I’m leaving for the Las Vegas Coin show again in just a few days so I’m going to do this entire edition of the Chronicles in bullet point form.  To make up for the lack of a proper post, I was sure to get some good Coin Porn pics.  

I’ll be back after Vegas!


Wednesday, Dealer Setup Day

  • Shockingly, I was the first one of our crew to arrive at the convention center, and it was nearly dead. Got there somewhere around 1:45pm on Wednesday.

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  • Rob (my cousin-in-law and our IT/haul-stuff-around guy) arrived not too long after that, and we unloaded everything and set up as much as we could.
  • I never bother to put the coins out at Long Beach, as Mal always rearranges the tables and cases.  I showed coins in boxes, and just generally held down the fort until he arrived some 90 minutes later.
The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

  • Long Beach is one of my favorite shows not only because it’s so close to home, but also because a ton of my friend’s tables are all super close. David McCarthy’s table and ours are back to back, and next to him is Nina Ann Phan — the 3 of us are all neighbors and holding down 3/4s of one of the island of 4 tables. Jon Williams is straight down my row about 5 tables down, and so is Michael of KMJ. Crystal and Tara are one row to my left against the wall right in line with our table.
  • I jokingly asked another coin dealer to hit David Hunt, and he balled up both fists and socked him a good one in the shoulder. Ouch. Sorry David.
David Hunt is crazy for coins.

David Hunt is crazy for coins.

  • Rob snuck food in in a giant box, and just in time.  We were all about to pass out from hunger and heat.
  • Oh, right: It was incredibly hot. They have the big back area of the show room open during set up day (the loading dock), so they didn’t bother to turn on the air conditioning. Dealers were sweating through their shirts, looking like they’d been in a wet t-shirt contest.
  • Eventually they turned on the AC, and not a moment too soon. It was horrible.
  • Saw Steve Feltner! Many hugs were received and given.
  • I got a visit from one of my favorite pups, Hiro!


  • Not a whole lot of business got done at all, maybe because of the heat. It didn’t seem like anyone was actually buying or selling, just complaining about how unimaginably hot it was.
  • For dinner a group of us walked a few blocks up the hill to King’s Fish House.  It was me, David McCarthy, David Hunt, Jon Williams, and Don Kagin’s son Adam and his wife Mya. Yummy.
  • Adam tried to order two sides of bacon to go with his steak, but they only had bacon bits.  For shame, King’s Fish House.


  • Arrived in the morning only to realize we had a problem — no keys for the cases.
  • We have our own cases that we bring to Long Beach, and no one remembered to bring the keys. More than that, they can’t even find them back at the office. So we’re still showing boxes of coins to dealers.
  • It’s Mal’s bday today! I had hoped he’d have a real dinner with us, but he’s going to make the long drive back to his new home (just over an hour) to have dinner with his wife and daughter, which I suppose is understandable.  We did get him a pie!
  • Sorta had “lunch” with Steve Feltner … we ordered to-go food from Islands, then brought it back to the table to actually eat it.
  • It’s slow-ish, but still busy enough that I can hardly break away from the table.
  • Dinner Thursday night was a decently big affair — we went to Gladstones. Me, Steve Feltner, Jon Williams, Parker, Rita, Tyler, later joined by Jordan Miller and his coworker Ryan and 2 others that were friends of Jordan’s.
King Jon Williams with his goblet of beer.

King Jon Williams with his goblet of beer.

  • Parker and Jon walked me back to my car, and I’m glad I asked them to. It was kind of a scary walk back.
  • I got home around 10:30, and was fairly proud of myself for being more or less responsible.


  • Managed to arrive about 9:45, and while it was still (relatively) slowish it was busier than the day before.
  • We bought and sold some nice stuff.
  • Decided to implement an idea I’d had earlier, and the inaugural edition of Show Stoppers was born.
  • I wandered around to friend’s, acquaintances, and stranger’s tables to see what the coolest coin in their case was.
  • I had decided in advance that it would be better to spring it on them rather than tell anyone in advance what the deal was.  I know if I had 15 minutes to pick out my ‘coolest’ coin, I wouldn’t be able to.  Everyone was able to come up with something when put on the spot, and the whole thing went very smoothly.
  • I had a goal of getting 10 ‘cool coins’ to start with, not knowing how long each would take or what sort of response I would get.  I ended up with 15.
  • Only two people looked at me oddly and decline the invitation.
  • Poor Michael Miles Standish was violated again


  • Had lunch with Steve Feltner. We actually got to sit down to eat this time, and everything.
  • Mal and Shelley walked in a few minutes after we sat down, and we all made faces at eachother and they (jokingly) requested to be seated as far from us as possible.
  • Attempted to wander around the show and take in some of the displays, but somehow couldn’t quite make it happen.
  • A random quote that I’m just going to leave without context for the lulz: “How many Placentas can there be out othere?” -David McCarthy.  This cracked me up repeatedly for a good 15 minutes.
  • Friday night I turned down a dinner invitation in order to have a ‘company dinner’, which I like to do at least once a show.  Mal, Shelley, David Hunt and I ended up at Octopus (sushi) just up the hill.
  • They had weird names for their rolls like the “Sexy Octopus” and “Sensual Pleasure Roll”.
  • I was going to get to Sergeant Peppers (the dueling piano bar right across the street from the convention center) if it killed me, mostly because I didn’t get there during the June show (I was sick).

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  • I dragged David Hunt from dinner, who was skeptical about the ‘piano nonsense’, but was shouting along almost immediately.
  • Jon Williams came and joined us, and requested a song about 9:15pm.  The more money you leave with your request, the more likely you are to have your song played.  We waited.
  • The best part of the night may well have been the Bon Jonvi-off, where the left and right sides of the room competed to see who could sing/scream the chorus to Livin’ On A Prayer the loudest.
  • Around 11:20, I just had to call it a night — I still had a 30  minute drive in front of me, and another one in the morning.  So we got up to leave, and then we heard it: the opening strains of Jon’s song.
  • Rather than go back inside, we stood on the street in front of the big open section that cuts straight through the patio into the bar and belted the song out right there on the sidewalk.  We rocked.


  • Saturdays are usually mostly tie-up-loose-ends-days, and this one wasn’t really any different.
  • I sold a few more nice coins.
  • Said a lot of goodbyes.
  • I received the best compliment ever: “If unicorns cound eat butterflies and fart love, that love would be you.”
  • David Hunt rage-smashed broke one of our cases.
  • We started packing up fairly early, and were up and out of Long Beach around 2:30pm.
  • I had a late lunch with Steve Feltner and Glen Holsonbake at PF Chang’s before hitting the road and heading back home.


… the perfect end to a good show!!


And of course, what you really came here for:  The Coin Porn!



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  • Wow, this is actually pretty cool! 🙂

    I collect American state coins. Probably not as cool as what you have lol.

    I’m surprised there’s as many coin shows as there are. Just checked out your New York post. Reminds me of when my parents were antique dealers. We’d travel all over the States. A few people had coin collections, but usually coupled with other antique things.


    • Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 There are a lot of major coin shows, and a lot of little ones … it’s definitely a niche, but people who are into coins tend to be REALLY into coins — thus, Coin Nerds. 🙂

      It’s pretty neat that your parents were antique dealers … did you ever work with antiques yourself?



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