Daily(ish) Coin Porn – 1875-S T$1 PCGS MS64 CAC

Hello hello, everyone!

It’s my first day back in the office after my eight day trip to New York for the PNG Invitational coin show (with some fun time for me tacked on). While I’m playing catch-up here in the office and preparing my Coin Show Chronicles, I thought I would reinstate Daily(ish) Coin Porn to keep you entertained.


Today’s coin is an 1875-S Trade Dollar in a PCGS rattler, graded MS64 and CACed.




Despite a large mintage, these coins jump quickly from around $300 in AU to about $1,000 in mint state and continue to go up sharply from there.  This coin is one of 202 certified by PCGS, with only 34 in PCGS slabs graded higher.

One comment

  • Belongs in my type set.

    I’m SURE I can’t afford it though, as I just got back from a long and (more to the point) expensive trip to Europe. (I’ll be delayed-real-time blogging it at steveoncoins.wordpress.com starting this Saturday, I hope. I’ll talk about the trip and (hopefully) show at least one relevant/related coin each day.)



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