The B.R. & M. Counterstamp Collection

Last Friday, I was surprised to find a package on my desk as I wasn’t expecting any — then I noticed it was from a name I knew.

Inside I found a lovely and thoughtful gift from Mr. Bruce R. Mosher, also known as BRandM on Coin Talk, who I had come to know through The Hunt For Mr. Loveless.  Bruce is a counterstamp collector and expert, and he’s had his own punches made to ‘stamp his his own coins.

Allow me to share his gracious gift, what I have affectionately come to call the B.R. & M. Counterstamp Collection:

BR&M Counterstamp (1)

Hi Amanda, Just thought I’d send you a copy of my personal counterstamps.  Yes, I told you I’m a hardcore collector and I am.  I had the punches made starting in 2004 and since have given them out as gifts to people I come in contact with in the hobby.  I suppose you could call them my “calling cards”.  I just realized that I’d neglected to send any to you earlier when we were in touch about Mr. L.  A poor trade compared to your generous gift to me, but nevertheless, please accept them with my compliments.  I hope all is well with you and yours and that life is treating you kindly.  Best regards, Bruce.”

Thank you once again, Bruce, very cool numismatic gift!


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