The Double Eagle Diamond

Exactly what it sounds like, sometimes I just feel the need to take coins and arrange them in shapes.  I’ve been known to stack a few things from time to time.  Things just need to be stacked, okay?

Just to keep things new and different, I arranged gold things instead of silver things this time.  When this came in as one lot, I just couldn’t help myself.


25 $20 gold coins.  Forget that clear rock business, I like this a whole lot better!




  • I like things stacked too!


  • I love the way large gold and silver coins ring against each other! So rich, musical and addictive


  • Yeah, who needs crystallized carbon (which burns, you know) when you can have heavy metal.

    (On the off chance a non-collector reads this someday, I’ll point out that gold makes a more efficient paperweight than lead. Lead? Heavy? Pfffft. Silver is no slouch in the “heavy” department either though lead does beat it. But the king of coin shop heavy metal is platinum (since I don’t see rhenium, iridium and osmium ingots…ever).)

    Gives you a warm feeling, having a bunch of heavy metal socked away, holding your safe down, keeping it from blowing away. (Or it would if I had a “bunch” of it. I am not a central bank.) But of course that’s more of a bullion stacker feeling, not really a rare coin thing. (If it’s rare coins, who cares about the size or sheer numbers, and chances are you don’t have a bunch that match quite this well. Of course if you are Amanda, you do.)



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