1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66RD

Many of my fellow coin nerds got their first taste of coins by dabbling in cents when they were kids, and perhaps that’s why the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent is one of the most famous US coins.  With a total mintage of 484,000, the 1909-S VDB is one of the least-rare rare-coins out there, yet it consistently ranks on the 100 Great US Coins list and is a solid collector favorite.

This particular example is just about as good as it gets: certified by PCGS to be Mint State 66 Red, there are only 12 graded higher by either PCGS or NGC.  This coin is well into 5 figures; if you wanted “the top of the pop”, one of those 12 in MS67RD, you’re looking at dropping some $135,000.  The creme de la creme of 09-S VDB’s:


One comment

  • Ah yes that maddening hole in the blue Whitman folder that you just knew you’d never fill from circulation!

    I believe the oldest cent I ever got in circulation was a 1919, but that was mumblety-mumblety years ago as a kid, but MUCH more recently a 1926 (!) dropped into my hands and it was even in VF-30! At 80+ years old, that’s the oldest coin (as of the time of my getting it) I’ve ever seen in circulation.

    Anyhow back to this beaut of an 09-S VDB.

    Impeccable preservation. It shows some planchet striations which are probably what held it back from a higher grade.

    I do have this type in my set, in PCGS 66 RD, even. It’s Just Like Yours… welllllll it doesn’t have that little insignificant “S” but who cares about that? What? You care? Oh Well…..

    On the plus side, I do seem to be having lots of luck finding 14Ds in my change lately.



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