CAC Fancaster Challenge: Columbian Expo Half Dollar

Hello, hello!

I came across a video competition hosted by CAC in conjunction with Fancaster a few weeks back, and decided to enter.  Because it’s me and I’m a super coin nerd, I thought I would have a bit of fun with it.

The challenge is to create a video showing oneself extolling the virtues of the Columbian Expo half dollar, including elements like aesthetic design and mintage in 90 seconds.  I didn’t like the idea of just sitting in front of a camera rambling, so I took Poe’s “The Raven” and went all coin nerd with it.

If you enjoy the video, please take a moment to register with Fancaster (it’ll redirect you to their homepage after, the CAC competition is down a bit and on the right hand side), then click on 5 stars next the video to vote for me!

Because of the 90 second limit, I know I’m reading pretty fast and some of it’s hard to catch.  Below is the transcript of my creation, with Poe’s original on the left and my coin nerded version on the right.




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