ANA Portland Coin Show, March 2015

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Once again it was time for the mid-winter ANA coin show, so off we went to Portland!  I was especially excited about this show as I’d never been to Portland and I’ve always heard that it’s a great town — with especially good food — and couldn’t wait to get the lay of the land.

Finding decent flights to and from Portland was surprisingly difficult out of LAX, so we ended up flying out of the Long Beach airport on Wednesday during a beautiful and sunny Los Angeles day.

A quick two-and-a-half hour flight saw us arrive about 1:00pm, with two hours to kill until setup began.  After checking in and dropping our luggage off, we found a spot by a roaring fire to grab a quick bite to eat before hopping a cab to the convention center.

The facilities at the convention center were nice, and dealer setup ran smoothly. There’s always a lot of hustle and bustle on dealer set up day, and this time around it was no different despite the smaller size of the show.  A few dealers had the misfortune of having flights cancelled due to weather conditions, but for the most part the show was steady and active.

After a productive first day, we jumped in a cab and headed to downtown Portland’s Pearl District for dinner.  Our dinner spot, Irving Street Kitchen,  was recommended to us by close coin dealer friends who are locals, and they definitely steered us to the right place.  After a lovely meal we decided to get out and see the town, and wandered around the Peal District for about an hour before catching a cab and heading back to the hotel for the night.

Thursday morning got off to a slow start, so I took the opportunity to check out the ANA’s Museum Showcase.  The ANA never fails to bring something spectacular, and yet again I was not disappointed.  I was lucky enough to just about have the “museum” space to myself, and was able to get some decent pictures despite shooting through an inch of plastic with a camera phone:


That afternoon, I bumped into a gentleman who just so happened to be doing a documentary “on pennies”; a real documtarian whose goal is to have his film screened at Sundance, and not like Telemundo & The Penny Madness.  We got to talking, and the next thing you know they’re at our booth.  Over the course of two days, they probably spent ninety minutes talking to me, my Uncle Malcolm, and Shelley.  It was fun, and it would be even more fun if it actually ran at Sundance!

Portland ANA March 2015 -439

Business was good, but not booming; typical for a “mid-winter show”.  All the usual people stopped by, and we bought and sold some great coins.   Most of the show was steady but mostly ‘uneventful’, as in nothing especially exciting happened that’s worth mentioning here … aside from this little story.

Friday night, what started as a small group of four of me and my “coin nerd crew” quickly became a group of eleven.  We all head to Deschutes Brewery, a Portland landmark and home of some killer food and brews.

I had a lot of fun in Portland, and had the opportunity to examine some true rarities.  We walked around the downtown area enough that I felt like I got to know the city a bit, and of course: got to immerse myself in nothing but coins, coins, coins all day!  Yeah, I know — I’m a lucky girl!


In place of the famous bullet points, I’ve got … bullet-point-pics … to share:


And of course… we can’t forget the Coin Porn!

See you next time, Portland!


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