1928-S Standing Liberty Quarter, PCGS MS67FH CAC

“Giiiiiirl, you look so good, I can’t even.”

I believe the preceding is what goes for a deeply flattering comment these days, and this lovely SLQ certainly deserves it.

The difference in price between a 1928-S 25c and a 1928-S 25c FH in high grade is substantial.  PCGS suggested retail price for the 28-S SLQ in MS63 is $350, and in MS63FH the suggested retail price is $225.  No big deal, right?  When you get up into the superb-gem level, the gap widens considerably: the 28-S SLQ’s suggested retail price without a full head in MS67? $2,200.

Add an ear hole, three leaves, and a small line … This coin is one of 48 coins certified by PCGS & NGC in MS67, with only 2 higher (both NGC).  The PCGS suggested price for our 67FH is $8,750.

What a difference an ear hole makes, huh?


One comment

  • Stunning.

    I recognized three types (including the recessed date) of this for my set, but let’s face it–I was looking for excuses to own another one.

    Unfortunately the main market maker, JR Cline, has recently passed away (why aren’t these more popular?), so it will be interesting to see what happens there.



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