1882 $3 PCGS MS65

This edition of Coin Porn is stunning specimen, an 1882 $3 in PCGS MS65.  I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for three dollar coins: never terribly popular in their day, their odd denomination and beautiful design make them stand out in a time otherwise dominated by Seated Liberty as far as the eye could see.

… and of course, I can’t help but love the irony that the “Indian Princess” design is neither of an indian, nor a princess.  Low mintages for most of the series make premium examples of $3 gold coins something to stop and take notice of.

Only 1,500 business strike three-dollar gold coins were struck in 1882 (along with seventy-six proofs), and only a scant handful are in gem uncirculated or higher.

This lovely lady is one of eleven in PCGS or NGC holders reading 65, with only three by either TPC in 66, and only 2 known in 67 (none higher).  PCGS suggested retail prices start jumping and jumping fast for these penultimate coins: $28,500 in 65 (not bad for our old gal); $43,500 in 66; and $99,000 for one of the two known 67’s.

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